Tuesday, May 08, 2012

8th May 2012

Some days are just perfect. Why can’t they always be like this? I suppose I’d call it a ‘Big Sky’ day, beautiful and sunny with a scattering of fluffy white clouds. Yes, I enjoyed this lovely pastoral scene as I walked around Kedleston this morning. And for the first time in ages I had company, in the form of a friend out walking his dog. We even indulged in coffee and cake at the nearby garden centre, and that was an activity I’d considered consigned to history! Then this afternoon I had a great time just playing my guitar, sometimes I really love to do that. Especially with no audience in mind, just me playing to enjoy myself. Then a couple of phone calls from two of my daughters ringing just for a chat rounded things off quite nicely. I even found time to play around with a new song sheet for my church small group this evening where I normally lead a short time of worship. Yes, all is well in Dave’s world today…

Or is it? Truth be told the sky was not quite so blue for the whole of our walk. Although it stayed dry, at times the sky was certainly rather more overcast. And in places our walk was not just extremely muddy but actually partly flooded. Now my freshly laundered walking trousers are covered in mud. We found a dead rabbit on the path, still warm. Back at home I worked out how, yesterday, I’d ended up with paint on my hands despite it being a decorating free day; I was busy at a retirement party for my sister. It seems I’d unthinkingly sat at the bottom of my staircase to tie my shoes, and then grabbed hold of the rail to hoist myself up. My nicely applied paint needs stripping back and reapplying to repair the major bodge. Ugh! Oh yes, I’ve also had a bad head for most of the day, and I feel seriously exhausted as well.

So what is it to be, a good day or a bad day? I have a choice. The facts are the facts, what happened, happened. I guess it’s up to me to choose, and without hesitation I choose to call it a good day. The best I can make it anyway, though as always it depends upon your point of view. I’m not interested in the tiny hassles of life, they come and they go; today I have a photo of a lovely blue sky to enjoy. That’ll do for me.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 Be thankful in all circumstances’ (NLT)

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