Saturday, May 19, 2012

19th May 2012

Look the wrong way and you’ll miss it. Yes, I’ve been distracted all day, trying to play with new technology and not thinking on the Lord. Oh dear, maybe he’s been saying all sorts of things and I’ve missed connecting with him. But internet connectivity is also becoming increasingly important to me, so when my campsite decided to start charging for wi-fi I chose to economise and live with 3g. Problem is, 3g in a little country village is a rather hit and miss 2g. A frustratingly slow connection and time consuming, especially playing around trying to tether my mobile. Then this morning I spotted a double value deal at Tesco using my points. I’d forgotten I even saved them, so anyway £30 cash bought me a PAYG Samsung Galaxy Ace, and now I have a rather more up to date mobile to baffle. Nothing comes with an instruction booklet anymore and I’ve never played with Gingerbread OS. At the moment it’s perched rather precariously in an overhead locker, obtaining the best signal I can achieve, and generating a very, very slow Wi-Fi hotspot for both my laptop and iPod… some of the time!

I’m being blessed with the weather again and had a great walk into Deal. I’m still wondering about going to a church meeting tomorrow as I do like to attend when possible, but I really don’t feel inspired. Probably because my head’s full of Android. But as I was out and about I spotted a guy who attends a church I’ve been to a lot. I caught him up, thinking he’s bound to invite me along tomorrow, but although we had a friendly enough chat that was the one thing he didn’t do. So back to square one as to where I could go. I’m determined to walk with God, so unless he leads me rather more clearly I’ll probably pass. I did have a great time playing my guitar this morning… that’ll maybe do tomorrow as my act of worship.

Hebrews 10:25 And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do’ (NLT)

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